AI Generated Content

All content available on is generated using artificial intelligence technology. Our platform provides users with the ability to create and interact with AI-generated characters. We do not claim or imply that any content on our platform represents real individuals.

Unintentional Resemblance to Real Persons

While our content is AI-generated and not intended to resemble real individuals, we acknowledge that there may be instances where the generated content bears unintentional resemblance to real persons. We understand that individuals may have concerns in such cases, and we are committed to addressing them promptly.

Content Removal Process

If a user believes that any content on our platform resembles them or another real person, they may request its removal by contacting our support team at . We will review the request and take appropriate action within a reasonable timeframe.

User Verification

To ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of content removal requests, we may require the requesting user to provide sufficient evidence of their identity or relationship to the person they believe the content resembles. This verification process helps us handle requests responsibly and protect the rights and interests of all users.

Prompt Content Removal

Upon verification and confirmation of a valid content removal request, we will promptly remove the specified content from our platform. We aim to complete this process in a timely manner while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

User Support and Privacy

We prioritize user support and respect user privacy throughout the content removal process. We handle all requests with sensitivity and confidentiality, and we do not disclose personal information or the details of the request to other users without explicit consent, unless required by law.

Changes to the Content Removal Policy

We reserve the right to update or modify this Content Removal Policy from time to time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the updated policy on our website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further clarification about our Content Removal Policy, please contact our support team at [email protected]. We are committed to addressing concerns promptly and ensuring a positive user experience on our platform.